Payments on account for the self-employed – What are they and do I have to pay them?

25th November 2018

Submitting your self-assessment tax return, simply put, is a pain in the butt. The mad rush at year-end to collate all of your invoices, the pain staking research going through...


How to Grow Your Freelance Business

4th October 2018

When you make the hugely liberating decision to break free from the world of employment, it can be extremely exciting, but there is no denying that it is also daunting,...


Can I claim expenses for my lunch when I am on the go?

12th September 2018

Lunches can be a legitimate business expense however, the rules can be somewhat complex. This neat little infographic produced by our digital partner FreeAgent will help give some clarity on...


Why you can’t afford not to have an accountant

8th September 2018

Setting up on your own can be exciting. It’s an opportunity to work with who you want to, when you want to, and how you want to, not to mention...


How do I calculate my home working expenses?

26th August 2018

This neat little infographic has been produced by FreeAgent. We came across this whilst providing a client with information on how to calculate their home working expenses and felt that...


Benefits in kind – what are they, and how do they affect me?

24th August 2018

If you are an employee or a director of a company, you may be receiving benefits in kind. These are items which are given to you by the company but...


What are payments on account?

16th August 2018

Once you start being eligible to complete a Self Assessment tax return, you may be liable to make payments on account. It sounds a lot more daunting than it actually...


Why you should already be on top of your 2017/2018 tax return.

1st August 2018

The summer can be a quiet time for small businesses in particular, and the temptation can be to more or less down tools until your clients have enough of a...


Freelancing: an honest account… plus some tips.

25th July 2018

Given that freelancing is such a vast area, I will share my own experiences as a freelance writer and ‘marketeer’... and I will start by making two assumptions: By clicking...


8 benefits of freelance working.

25th February 2018

Modern technology has made it easier than ever for thousands of people to work on a freelance basis. From solicitors to PR agents, and from graphic designers to personal trainers,...


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